Eazyvoice.com introduce Evdialer which is based on VICI dial structure which comes with Predictive dialing capabilities.
Mostly used by small businesses.
Our cloud-based solutions allow you to streamline your call center operations and improve efficiency, all while reducing costs and increasing productivity.


SIP trunks are designed to ensure that your digital phone connections have ample bandwidth to make high-quality calls. As long as your private branch exchange (PBX) isn't overloaded, you can expect clear calls even during busy periods. With advances in artificial intelligence, we now have technology that automatically improves call quality and fixes errors like echoes and static. You shouldn't have to worry about call drop-outs connections.


An outbound call is one initiated by a call center agent to a customer on behalf of a call center or client. Outbound calls are typically made to prospective customers and focus on sales, lead generation, telemarketing and fundraising.


The Campaign Dialer is a dialer which uses a list of invite records to be called. Each invite has a required skill. The dialer first searches for an available agent and creates a session in which the agent is hunted. After this step, the customer is called to join the session.


A list is a group of contacts who have opted in to receiving communications from you. Lists are also the primary way to broadly group contacts based on interest or message type (newsletter, announcements, alerts).


Call recording is the process of capturing audio and screen activity associated with phone calls. With call recording, the conversation between a customer and an agent is recorded so that it can be stored, retrieved and evaluated, according to business needs.

Transfer (cold warm 3-way & local closer)

Cold (blind) and warm (attended). Simply put, the main difference is whether or not the call is introduced or announced prior to actually transferring. Think of it in terms of a warm welcome versus a cold shoulder.

Disposition (Statuses)

Campaign Statuses, also known as Dispositions, are selected at the end of every call.

AUX (Pause Code)

A pause code is the pop up box that the user sees in the ViciDial agent interface whenever the user hits the pause button.

Custom CRM

A custom CRM is a tailor-made solution designed exclusively for a specific business. It should be equipped to effortlessly manage business relationships with existing clients while also boosting the attractiveness of the business to prospective clients.


Do Not Call (DNC) lists have contact information of those customers who opt out from receiving any unwanted calls.


Backup is the process of regularly and systematically copying and storing critical customer and operational data to protect it from loss, corruption, or damage. Data backups are an essential component of data management and disaster recovery planning for contact centers.


voicemail drops are pre-recorded voicemail messages that sales reps can “drop” into someone's voicemail inbox. From there, the definition gets a little more complicated. There are two different types of voicemail drop, and which one you decide to use will depend heavily on your sales outreach strategy.

IVR setup

Interactive voice response (IVR) is telephony software technology commonly found in call centers. IVR allows businesses to interact with callers through a series of automated menus, often enabling the customer to self-serve for faster resolution.