Sip Trunking

Sip Trunking

SIP Trunking allows enterprises to collaborate with customers by consolidating their voice infrastructure, to work in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Call quality

SIP trunks are designed to ensure that your digital phone connections have ample bandwidth to make high-quality calls. As long as your private branch exchange (PBX) isn't overloaded, you can expect clear calls even during busy periods. With advances in artificial intelligence, we now have technology that automatically improves call quality and fixes errors like echoes and static. You shouldn't have to worry about call drop-outs connections.


Unlike older phone systems, your SIP trunks are dedicated connections for your calls. SIP providers monitor calls for unusual behaviour as part of their service, meaning anything unexpected will be flagged immediately. It is worth speaking with your SIP provider about their specific security protocols.


SIP trunks are not tied to a local exchange, so it is now possible to have local numbers in any region regardless of your physical location. Also, if you move premises you can take the numbers with you wherever you move to.